Rabbi Yisrael Isser Zvi Herczeg


Rabbi Yisrael Isser Zvi Herczeg is a student of Rav Aryeh Leib Bakst, זצ"ל, and יבלחט"א, Rav Zvi Kushelevsky. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Detroit. Translator of ArtScroll’s Sapirstein edition of Rashi, as well as several other Torah classics, Rabbi Herczeg is also author of Sefer Keren David on Tractates Arachin, Nazir, and Makkos; Mareh Rachel on Rashi to Mishlei; and other works of Torah scholarship. Rabbi Herczeg has lectured in many congregations and institutions of Jewish learning throughout the United States and Canada and has taught Rashi in yeshivos, seminaries, and in other settings for nearly forty years.

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