Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz


Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz is the Rosh Yeshiva and Rav of the dynamic Orchos Chaim community in Givat Ze’ev, Israel. After arriving in Israel in 1974, he studied in prominent yeshivas, including 15 years as an advanced scholar in the kollel of Yeshiva Torah Ohr. Rabbi Schwartz was a close disciple of the world-renowned tzaddik and gadol, Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, ztz”l, from whom he received rabbinic ordination, an honor that Rabbi Scheinberg, ztz”l, bestowed on only a handful of his closest talmidim. Rabbi Schwartz also received rabbinic ordination from the famed Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Yitzchak Kulitz, ztz”l.


Rabbi Scheinberg appointed Rabbi Schwartz to serve as the mashgiach ruchani of Torah Ohr. In the past, Rabbi Schwartz served as a community rabbi in Seattle, Washington where he lead a groundbreaking kiruv community in the days when that was a novelty. Rabbi Schwartz is the guiding force behind Orchos Chaim and a dynamic speaker who has inspired Jews around the world. His dedication to Torah and his students is unbounded. He lives with his family minutes from Orchos Chaim in the Givat Ze’ev suburb of Jerusalem.

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